About us

Support NS-Handycab was founded in 2007, becoming the first company in Serbia whose principal activity is transport of immobile people and people with impaired mobility or with a disability, as well as people with special needs – around the town, across the country and abroad. How serious we were about the task we set ourselves at the time can be seen in the fact that the founding of the company was helped by the Investments Fund of the Republic of Serbia and the Faculty of Management in Sremski Karlovci, namely their dean, professor Dušan M. Ristić, whom we are deeply indebted to and whose advice we are still happy to take if an opportunity presents itself.

HandyCab NS

Today, Handycab is a company that is, thanks to the trained staff (most of whom are from medical profession) and equipment, absolutely capable of meeting all the requirements placed before us by our clients – ranging from the transport of patients suffering from most serious conditions to the most distant places at any time of day or night, transport to school or to work on a daily basis, to the adaptation of vehicles for the transport of wheelchair users. And that is not all – all our clients may be assured that Handycab will always provide support and be a true helper when it comes to organizing and booking medical check-ups or other medical services...or, simply having their wheelchairs fixed and getting from us a spare wheelchair to use while waiting for theirs to be fixed. This is all we have to tell you about ourselves ... you can hear much more from our users. No website or advertisement can tell you more than a word from your friends can, because IN OUR COMPANY PEOPLE COME FIRST!


Handycab NS

- Persons in the wheelchairs (yours or ours)

- Immobile persons in the city, the country and abroad

Handycab NS

- Rent and sale of wheelchairs and other aids

Handycab NS

- Possibility of paying in installments and over the account.