Handycab NS vozila

Vehicle for the transport of individual wheelchair users

The vehicle enables ramp crossing without moving the person in the wheelchair. The wheelchair is fastened in the vehicle by a special system so that the transport is completely safe. The whole vehicle is lowered to the ground when one is getting on or off the vehicle, so that it is adjusted to the electric wheelchair, too, which is somewhat lower than the «ordinary» one. Besides the wheelchair user's seat there are two more seats for people accompanying him/her and the driver's seat. It goes without saying that the vehicle is fitted with an air-conditioning system and all the active and passive safety systems (ABS, ASR...), and is driven by a pofessional driver!  Read more >>>

Vehicle for transport of immobile people and patients

This vehicle facilitates the transport of people who, due to their condition or disability, are not able to remain in the sitting position unaided for a longer period of time while travelling.
The vehicle is fitted with a stretcher (bed), cardiac chair and all the other equipment necessary for the client's needs or condition, to enable safe transport of the patients (ECG, pulse oximetre...). In this case a medical team is hired (a doctor and a nurse) from a medical institution we cooperate with. Read more >>>

Vehicle for group transport of people in wheelchairs

It offers various possible combinations depending on how many wheelchair users travel together. The highest number of passengers in the vehicle is four and they can be accompanied by four more people in the seats. This vehicle is often rented by groups of seven to eight passengers one of which is a person in a wheelchair. Read more >>>


Handycab NS

- Persons in the wheelchairs (yours or ours)

- Immobile persons in the city, the country and abroad

Handycab NS

- Rent and sale of wheelchairs and other aids

Handycab NS

- Possibility of paying in installments and over the account.